FAQ's WHAT IS IT? With 960 Billion CFU’s and 13 human-derived bacteria strains, our Therapeutic superfood probiotic sample size will give you 14 days of gut gloriousness. It’s our way of showing you how simple and effective our therapeutic, GI warrior is, without feeling like you have to commit to a whole month’s supply. We’re pretty sure after you start feeling more like the way you’ve always wanted to, 14 days won’t be enough. Clear your mind and support your immune system with one simple addition to the food or drink you have every morning anyway. It works! This product is amazing! I had a terrible stomach upset for over 15 years and nothing helped. I started taking this and my stomach and digestive system have been thanking me! So worth the money! This product is truly a blessing!- Rochelle.K.


FAQ's WHAT IS IT? With 960 Billion CFU’s and 13 human-derived bacteria strains, our Therapeutic superfood probiotic is your most valuable tool in the fight for gut-health. It may not seem like a tool because it’s, well, delicious and easy to seamlessly add to your day, but it’s tough. We promise. Although your digestive tract may seem a bit uncertain right now, you don’t have to be because this superfood soldier has you, and your morning routine, covered.
Our medical team of Naturopathic Doctors, being the innovators they are, dove into our own, natural biology, creating this therapeutic probiotic to ease chronic GI conditions (i.e. diarrhea, IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, vaginal infections, UTIs, etc.). The living, probiotic strains are human-derived, keeping your wellness simple and worry-free.
“Kashaya is the best probiotic I’ve ever taken. I have a chronic illness that started from leaky-gut, which means my gut needs a lot of extra love and care. I noticed a difference right away with just 2 tablespoons per day-my bloating went down, my gastric symptoms lessened. Kashaya has become a daily part of my routine. It has been helping me heal while also providing me with a tasty bedtime treat. I take the therapeutic with some berries or chopped nuts. Highly recommended to everyone!” (Bailey H.)


FAQ's WHAT IS IT? With 320 Billion CFU’s and 13 human-derived bacteria strains, our Original superfood probiotic is bringing everything to the table. This scientifically designed and tested digestive aid is a simple step towards you feeling more like yourself. We won’t even pretend to be modest about this delicious addition to your day. Want to add it to your smoothie? Go for it. However you want to take our original probiotic is the right way, letting you focus on being the true original you are. I've just finished my first bottle of the Original blend and in my experience, it has worked wonders in eliminating digestive pain and related issues. Plus it tastes great, either on its own or incorporating into smoothies, topping oatmeal, using as a dip - options are endless! -Sarah.T


FAQ's WHAT IS IT? Combining our Therapeutic and Original superfood probiotics seemed only natural, almost as natural as our probiotics themselves. We took notes from the dynamic duos of the past…Sonny and Cher, Laverne and Shirley, Frodo and Sam, and decided to have these two probiotic pals join forces. Our therapeutic option focuses on protecting your gut and easing GI symptoms, while the original keeps your general digestive system running smoothly and supports your immune system. Tackle your day your way with either, or both, of these deliciously simple options for overall wellness. Our clinical team of Naturopaths created both the original and therapeutic probiotics with your immune support in mind. Our therapeutic option fights back against chronic GI conditions (i.e. diarrhea, IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, vaginal infections, UTIs, etc.), while the original probiotic is your day to day digestive pal. Sticking with what nature created for us, we use natural bacteria strains developed in utero. I absolutely LOVE Kashaya. It has helped to heal my gut over and over these past few years. My 13-year-old son loves Kashaya too and I add it to our smoothies. I definitely feel gut-healing on a deeper level using Kashaya. I cannot tolerate dairy and this is a WONDERFUL substitution. I cannot say enough good things about Kashaya, it’s a MUST TRY! -PJ.H

$47.95 / month

FAQ's Are you traveling? For travel and convenience, we are so excited to announce our partnership with Pure Biotic, a full-spectrum sister probiotic capsule with the same strains and same potency in capsuled form. Pure Biotic is brought to you by MD Prescriptives and compliments Kashaya Probiotics perfectly when you're on the road and don't have a way to access a fridge to keep our product cool. Experience +28 Billion CFU's per serving and a probiotic designed as an ideal choice for individuals with poor B-vitamin status, or production. PureBiotic is also designed to support healthy microbe growth and bowel elimination.