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What are probiotics? Know more woth Kashaya Probiotics

What Are Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms — such as bacteria and yeast — that can help to enhance the health of your gut. They work by targeting your gut flora, restoring its health and allowing it to improve the quality of your digestive system. Bacteria and yeast sometimes get a bad reputation for the assumed negative effects that they bring about, however, there are a variety of forms of good bacteria and yeast that are essential to the well being of your body.

Probiotics specifically work by imitating the jobs usually performed by the good bacteria in the body. They help balance the level between the good and bad substances in order to ensure proper functionality.

Living vs. Capsule Probiotics

It can be found in an array of different types of products. These are often split into two groups: living and probiotics that come in the form of capsules. While each has their own unique characteristics, overall, more people have chosen live as their preferred choice due to the myriad of benefits they offer. Here are some of the primary reasons why living probiotics are the best probiotics for your digestion:

Active bacteria: When probiotics are utilized by way of food or drink, the bacteria within them is alive and active. Because of this, once the substance reaches your intestinal tract it is able to initiate positive effects almost immediately. Capsule products, on the other hand, can take several hours for any changes to be seen and often do not even succeed in achieving the goal of improved gut health.

More effective: Most probiotics that come in capsule or pill form are not able to pass through the stomach acid of the body due to complications in the gastrointestinal tract. Along with this, many of the strains in these products do not have the ability to properly colonize within the gut which depletes their efficiency. Living probiotics, however, are already situated in acidic environments, and thus can overcome these issues.

Higher nutritional value: When probiotics are consumed in their living form, they offer more nutritional value to the body. The bacteria works with your body to more effectively absorb positive nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. This further enhances the overall impact on your body’s health and can aid in maximizing the effectiveness of your gut and digestive system.

How do probiotics help with digestion?

Despite the fact that research is still developing regarding what doses of probiotics are effective and how they specifically work, it has been shown that probiotics are able to balance the digestive system and help minimize the effects of bad bacteria in the body. The probiotics mimic the activity of good bacteria, fighting off other bacteria that may be causing problems such as bad digestive health or general sickness within the body. Along with this, its impact is taken further due to its ability to control inflammation and support the functionality of your immune system.

What strains of probiotics are effective?

There are a number of different strains of probiotics that can do different things for your body and its health. This wide selection of options can leave some feeling confused about which is the most effective. There are two strains of probiotics that have emerged as the most popular due to the upper hand they have when it comes to positive health benefits. These are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Bifidobacterium aids in strengthening the body’s immune system by minimizing the amount of bad bacteria growth in the intestine. Lactobacillus, also commonly referred to as lactic acid bacteria, produces lactic acid which also aids in controlling bad bacteria, this time in the gut. Both strains also contribute by breaking down lactose. It is because of these distinct benefits that the two strains have become known as the best probiotic strains for great digestion.

What are the best probiotics?

When it comes down to it, the best probiotic for you is determined by individual characteristics that are unique to each person. Different species, genuses, and other factors can impact your digestive tract differently. However, there are some products that combine a variety of elements, resulting in substances that are generally effective for most people. Here are some suggestions for the best probiotics to improve your gut health:

Kashaya Real-food probiotics — Therapeutic: A superfood probiotic that includes 13 strains of human-derived bacteria. The product is cultivated using organic, gluten free ingredients, bringing about positive results for your digestive system without any negative side effects.

Kashaya Real-food probiotics — Original: This product has been scientifically formulated specifically to tackle issues relating to gut and digestive health. The probiotic uses ingredients such organic Agar Seaweed powder and organically sourced Coconut milk, maximizing its effectiveness and quality of taste.