Magnesium MD 120 vcaps


Novel and Highly Absorbable Magnesium

Highly absorbable and bio-avaliable magnesium chelate for sensitive individuals, now with ATA-Mg™ (Magnesium Acetyl-taurinate).*

Magnesium MD, a highly absorbable formula for sensitive individuals, has both Magnesium glycinate and ATA-Mg™ (magnesium acetyl-taurinate) making it a more bio-available source of both magnesium and taurine. By incorporating the ATA form of magnesium, it is more lipophiic and therefore has enhanced cellular, neuronal and blood-brain barrier penetration. This form has been studied for use in severe headaches and seizures. The glycine form of magnesium allows it to be actively taken up by the intestinal mucosa, due to the active transport for amino acids, as opposed to the usual passive transport for most minerals.*