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The Miracle of Remineralization

Soil in Hand image

The chemistry of life occurs at room temperatures or slightly above. In order to meet these needs, an abundance of tiny minerals, in a wide spectrum, to be constantly available is required. Let's consider enzyme systems. Without the required mineral present in the folds of the enzyme, that enzymes work a billion times SLOWER, and cannot sustain health. With this understanding, we must view the food chain has no other more important driving force than the availability of abundant minerals. Put another way, all living organisms require minerals to not only survive but also to thrive. Therefore, the most essential and fundamental natural resource to any land or body of water which supports life is its abundance or non-abundance of mineral availability.

Rock Dust

Nature provides minerals in their most abundant form as tiniest particles. These tiniest particles have been most properly referred to as rock dust since it has the consistency of flour. Where does rock dust come from? Rock dust only arises from three sources:

  1. During violent volcanic eruptions as plumes that reseed these tiniest minerals across large swatches of land and sea.
  2. From glaciers as they grind larger rocks into dust from their sheer mammoth weight.
  3. From slow weathering processes and biological (i.e., lichen) breakdown of larger mineral-rich rocks.


Because we have now completely exhausted the natural stores of rock dust in our topsoils, we see chronic degenerative diseases on the rise. Until we or Mother Nature replaces rock dust back into our topsoils, the human race will suffer ever-increasing degenerative assaults. Inevitably, these assaults, biologically speaking, doom us to spiral head-long into our civilization's next collapse. If we do not replace rock dust back into our topsoils across the globe with sound horticultural practices, Mother Nature will do it for us, via glaciation! But by then, civilization will have paid a most catastrophic price because of not heeding and managing this most critical driving force to all life. The saying that ignorance is bliss does not apply. Rather, Life In All Its Fullness Is Mother Nature Obeyed. Rock dust represents the fullest spectrum of smallest sized mineral particles available to the entry-level food chain. Since the food chain's starter organisms require minerals to be in their smallest size ranges so they can be ingested, the optimal replication rates of these single-celled organisms are controlled by the amount of available rock dust. Only when there is an abundance of rock dust in the soil do soil organisms optimally replicate. With optimal replication rates, more carbon is hoarded into these entry-level organisms. This is what fundamentally controls carbon levels in the global atmosphere. Low rock dust availability causes the numbers of entry-level food chain starter organisms to dwindle downward, releasing more and more carbon into the atmosphere.

Elements of Life Forms

So, what we should clearly understand at this moment is that life forms retain carbon, the most common element to living life forms. When life forms are multiplying and thriving, carbon will stay where it belongs, in the life force of planet Earth. When minerals are lacking, life forms slow down due to their enzyme systems. They do not replicate as easily. Carbon is no longer stored inside living organisms, rather it is released into the soil, then atmosphere, as death occurs. Death occurs "en mass" when top soils become low in the full spectrum of tiniest minerals. Rains normally carry minerals from the topsoil down the river beds and finally into the ocean. The top 3 feet of the ocean is full of life which produces our planet's supply of oxygen. As top soils become depleted from tiniest minerals, the rains emptying into the oceans become depleted of minerals too. When these ocean algae are deprived of minerals, they die off, also releasing huge loads of carbon into the atmosphere. These organisms start the chain of cause and effect to longer-term carbon distribution, none other!

What controls carbon levels in the atmosphere?

The earth's entire food chain, which contains fantastic amounts of carbon. If you do not fundamentally understand what is the primary fertilizer of planet Earth's food chain, which controls carbon levels in our atmosphere, I humbly submit that the blind will continue to lead the blind as to what is happening to our long-term trends in both human degeneration as well as global weather patterns. By understanding below, it will become readily apparent that our human race's health is intimately tied to weather patterns, as well as to global unrest. When topsoil is exhausted, civilizations are known to seek out and conquer new lands, richer in natural resources. Consider the Mekong River Delta region of Vietnam, the rice bowl of SE Asia. The Mekong River constantly delivers nature's original fertilizer to the region in vast amounts, which are a full spectrum of the tiniest mineral particles necessary to sustain thriving/healthy civilizations.

Global warming causes global cooling!

Global warming is the motor, the hot engine, required to freeze Earth's atmosphere at the lower altitudes!!! And carbon is the key mechanism to this heat exchange process. Consider this – When you have a freezer, it requires a motor to stay frozen. If you place your hand on any freezer's motor, you will burn your hand in short order. If you liken global warming to the burning hot motor of a freezer, you begin to understand what controls climate weather changes at its most causal level.

Need to Reseed

Rock dust has been found to be the only solution to human civilization's survival. Rock dust is the causal element to thriving human health, to weather stabilization and to global unrest. No other solution can possibly take on this task - WE MUST RESEED ROCK DUST ON ALL TOP SOILS ACROSS THE GLOBE! If we must enforce a Carbon Tax across the globe, it must be used to grind natural rock into tiniest particles to be spread about the globe. Anything less simply enriches the controlling class, and our human civilization will by default crumble into dust. How ironic!