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How To Detox Your Body | America, The Land Of The Sick.

Why the Standard American Diet Image

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

We cannot recover from these catastrophic declines in health without first and foremost regenerating our Homeland's top soil. ~ John W. Apsley, II

By 1936, the US Senate published data indicating our farmlands were suffering dramatic mineral loses. In 1948, Rutgers published data that an average bowl of spinach contained approximately 158mg of iron. By the early 1960's, an average bowl of spinach contained less than 2.2mg of iron! Likewise, staggering losses in protein content of our most important grains has followed this same trend, since it requires an abundance of minerals to build healthy, strong and protein-rich grains and pulses. In fact, American top soils have lost in excess of 97% of their mineral content from their once fertile state, which gave America its strength and health. At the dawn of World War II, when American men volunteered for military service, 30% were rejected due to physical infirmities. As of 2010, over 75% of American men volunteering for military service are rejected.6 In 1970, 1 out of 2,500 American children developed autism. As of 2010, that figure now stands at 1 out of every 50 kids born here will develop autism! In 1974, the U.S. Public Health Services noted that only 3,000,000 out of 210,000,000 Americans could be considered living disease-free. Stated plainly, by U.S. Public Health Services calculations, only 1.43% of all Americans were completely healthy at that time! Compare this to the long-living, who throughout their long life experience complete health with only minor, temporary episodes of illness (a broken limb, a fleeting cold, mending a wound, etc...). This health expression built sequential immunity over a lifetime. In fact, most long-living cultures have no physician or hospital, just traditional methods of healing passed down generationally through their family tree. Approximately equivalent average annual income of the long-living is just under $1,000 per year. Approximate individual annual medical bill of average American equals $8,100 per year as of 2012. As of 2012, this trend in near total decay of American health has only gotten worse as reflected by dramatic escalations in chronic degenerative diseases. More specifically, the current trend as of 2007 reveals that over:1

  • 165 million never engage in physical activity lasting more than 10 minutes, 99 million are physically inactive, and approximately 45 million are functionally impaired or suffer at least one physical difficulty
  • 105 million are overweight
  • 81 million were obese
  • Making a grand total of 186 million unfit Americans most at risk for premature death,
  • 81% or 243 million folks saw a physician, which in turn contributed to…
  • 571 million work-loss days
  • 84 million suffer lower back pain
  • 84 million suffer chronic joint pains
  • 72 million have hypertension
  • 66 million have arthritis
  • 62 million are smokers
  • 50 million experience nervousness or anxiety
  • 48 million suffer migraines
  • 45 million have hearing problems
  • 30 million suffer heart disease
  • 30 million have symptoms of depression (sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, or that doing anything is an effort)
  • 28 million have vision problems
  • 27 million have diabetes
  • 24 million have lost their teeth
  • 24 million have ulcers
  • 24 million have asthma
  • 18 million Americans have cancer
  • 6 million have emphysema
  • 6 million have kidney disease
  • 3 million have liver disease.

So it is no wonder Americans rank 31st in the world for life expectancy, suffer the 3rd highest cancer rate among all countries, and rank behind no less than 40 countries that have lower infant mortality rates? This begs the question - why? Prior to 1952, the mortality rate from all sources was dramatically declining. After 1952 this dramatic decline lost its steam. In fact, in some years, startling mortality escalations (especially for the 25 to 44 age group) occurred despite unprecedented advances in U.S. healthcare. So, what happened? Well, to be pithy, in 1952 radioactive fallout was unleashed in earnest upon Americans.2 Plus, we began polluting our environment with vast amounts of other, non-radioactive heavy metals and toxins.3, 4, 5 Health stats all derive from the accumulations of bad forces driving illness verses good forces driving health. As Hippocrates famously stated: "Disease [is] not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of the patient's body, a battle between the substance of disease and the natural self-healing tendency of the body." Today it is well documented that (A) nutritional deficiencies and (B) toxins in our food supply and environment are at fault. The National Cancer Institute has determined that up to 90% of our cancers arise from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.7Regardless of the toxin or disease, tiny amounts of absorbed radioactive particles greatly amplify their toll on the human body. As far back as the 1960's, no less than three Nobel Prize winners warned us as about the consequences of man-made radiation.8 But we did not listen. The National Research Council's 2006 BEIR VII Report tells us point blank that there is no safe level of radiation exposure. Instead we keep buying into the hype and promise of cheap, clean, limitless electrical nuclear power. But the reality has always been net higher costs well hidden from the public view. The nuclear power conversation rarely includes the lost quality of life and healthcare costs associated with radioactive exposures inherent to running the technology. Radioactive fallout now abounds in the food chain of the Northern Hemisphere. The health threat is greatest to those living near nuclear power plants as well as those exposed to fallout from nuclear accidents. No one who lives in the path of radioactive fallout is spared the direst trans-generational health consequences.9 In stark contrast to this picture are the typically lower mortality rates in developed countries that decided to forego nuclear power entirely.

How To Detox Your Body

Fortunately, the solution is straightforward. As a culture, we must adopt a regenerative lifestyle by implementing four simple steps:10

  1. First and foremost, remove from our bodies all accumulated toxins, especially heavy metals and radioactive heavy metals. Fortunately, today we have access to nano-zeolite and high fiber diets to solve this first issue.
  2. Second, we must quench the ongoing damage to our cells and tissues while we complete our detoxification process. Antioxidant strategies may instantly solve this problem too, such as dietary supplementation with selenium, melatonin and a simple amino acid called NAC.
  3. Third, we must accelerate and attain optimal repair rates which would not ordinarily occur. In my decades of study, I have only observed this to occur by awakening what I call The Regeneration Effect within. By simply drinking a delicious smoothie several times daily loaded with regenerative nourishment, and implementing a 55 minute morning program, everyone can easily achieve this objective in a cost-effective manner.
  4. And fourth, we must prevent re-exposure to environmental toxins through dietary changes coupled to fortifying our home environment with highest quality air filters, water filters and removing EMF pollution.


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Originally published on Used with permission.