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Does EMF Have An Effect on Our Gut Health?

emf affect gut health

In our digital age, the presence of Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF) is everywhere. As our lives have continued to be dominated by screens — especially as Covid-19 has made us more reliant on technology — the danger of EMFs has become a serious issue that many of us may not even realize. 

There exist an array of negative impacts that EMFs cause within the body. The intrusive nature of this radiation has been seen as a detriment to the functionality of the brain, the blood circulatory system, and the reproductive system (EMFs have been linked to decreasing levels of fertility within reproductive bodies). 

Among these problems, one that is seldom discussed, yet is arguably the most vital, is the effect of EMFs on the gut lining. 

Importance of the Gut

Holds Healthy Bacteria: Immune cells and helpful bacteria within the gut aid in preventing infectious agents like fungi and viruses

Communicates With The Brain: The gut has over 100 million neurons that communicate with your neurological system ensuring that your general health and mental well being are maintained (this includes producing gamma-aminobutyric acid, a neurotransmitter, which helps control fear and anxiety)

Facilitates Digestion: Without a healthy gut there would be no process in place for our body to handle the things we eat, the gut extracts the vital nutrients and sources of energy from food while getting rid of anything that could be harmful 

Connection Between EMFs and the Gut Lining

As many have begun to make the connection between overall wellness and the health of the digestive system, more research regarding what’s good and bad for the gut has surfaced. In the past several years, information has emerged that reveals the relationship between exposure to EMFs and an unhealthy gut. 

The correlation between radiation from EMFs and the gut lining has been made clear as recent data examining the topic supports. For example, a 2017 study of the release of EMF radiation from Wi-Fi routers and mobile phones produced alarming results. The researchers found that certain types of negative bacteria in the gut — specifically Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli — were strengthened by the EMFs from common routers and cellphones within the home. 

This harmful exposure to EMFs heightens the likelihood of the development of an unhealthy gut which can lead to issues such as: 

Decreased Disease Protection: Within the gut, EMF radiation slows the growth rate of certain types of bacteria tasked with handling interbody digestion and disease immunity. Additionally, it alters the zone of inhibition diameter which aids in prohibiting disease from developing. 

Negative Bacteria Growth: While EMFs slow the growth rate of good bacteria, they also have the adverse effect of speeding up the growth rate of negative bacteria — such as E. Coli. Without the presence of positive bacteria, it gives way for negative, pathological organisms to take over the gut. 

Antibiotic Resistance: When EMFs are introduced to the body during a narrow exposure window they can create mutations in the negative bacteria in the body, and thus allow them to become resistant to antibiotics. This resistance is an issue that can lead to longer hospital stays, slow recovery times, and increased mortality rates due to the inability to quickly control the pathogens.