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Best Probiotics Yogurt To Improve Health | Kashaya Probiotics

probiotics yogurt to health improve

Anyone who has been paying attention to the world of health and wellness has certainly heard of probiotics. They are often touted as a sort of “superfood” that is able to naturally promote good health and become a foundational part of a well-balanced diet. While trendy health fads are often looked down upon, probiotics are something that have established a reputation as being a fantastic way to bring about positive changes to your body.

Probiotics Yogurt To Improve Health

When talking about probiotics, exciting foods like kimchi and kombucha are often the focus of conversations. However, there is one common snack that has been a promoter of good gut health for centuries: yogurt.

Yogurt, although seemingly simple, is a powerhouse when it comes to probiotics. It contains a multitude of healthy bacteria strains that work to protect your internal system from pathogens and aid in fighting disease effectively. While all probiotics can achieve these goals, not all yogurts are created the same. It is important to seek out yogurt brands that use live, active cultures and, more specifically, contain a probiotic strain called Lactobacillus Acidophilus.

These variants have been shown to support digestion, protect against yeast infections, and promote health levels of blood sugar. Along with this, many studies have suggested that they can contribute to reducing symptoms of IBS and Eczema.

Read on to explore some of the best Probiotics Yogurt To Improve Health, nutritionist recommended yogurts that you can use to maximize the health of your body and balance your gut microbiome.

Yoplait Light

Due to the variety of flavors, Yoplait Light is often a top choice for those looking to have a healthy snack without sacrificing taste. The most popular flavor of this brand is certainly strawberry which has a light, airy texture — perfect for anyone who may not be a huge fan of the thicker greek yogurts that are commonly suggested. Along with this, Yoplait Light includes probiotics that can inhibit positive health effects while also supplying your body with a good amount of Vitamin D.

Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr

Siggi’s uses an Icelandic style recipe for their yogurt that results in a taste that is thicker and creamier than most other greek yogurt products. Also, it contains 40% less sugar than other greek yogurt brands which reduces the ability for your gut to become unbalanced (bad bacteria feeds off of sugar which is why brands with high amounts of added sugar can be problematic). To further its strength, the yogurt contains live active bacteria which enhances the positive outcomes.

FAGE Total 2% Milkfat Plain Greek Yogurt

FAGE is a family owned company that prides itself on creating high quality yogurt that utilizes only the best ingredients. The resulting products are rich and creamy which can mostly be attributed to how they utilize 100% real milk from nonGMO fed cows. Their yogurt is high in healthy bacteria to promote a healthy gut while also having great amounts of protein that will contribute to making you feel full for a longer period of time.

GT’s Cocoyo Living Coconut Yogurt

This yogurt has a unique taste that is unlike the yogurts that you will commonly find in your local grocery store. The brand focuses on perfecting the texture and taste so as to create a product that is nothing short of delicious. With options such as the Raspberry yogurt, you will be met with a rich, tangy flavor that will make you feel as though you’ve taken a bite into an actual piece of fruit. This raw yogurt is produced by fermenting young coconuts which provides it with a probiotic boost that will do wonders for your gut.

Kashaya Real-Food Probiotics-Therapeutic

While all of the yogurts on this list are certainly a great addition to your diet in order to increase the health and strength of your gut, by far the best way to increase your daily probiotic intake is through Kashaya’s Real-Food Probiotics-Therapeutic supplements. The supplement can easily be mixed into your yogurt to enhance the strength of the probiotics and make the most of their abilities in the context of your health. The supplement is 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, and contains 13 different probiotic strains — all working in tandem with one another to create the perfect results. So if you are having any query regarding Kashaya Probiotics : Probiotics Yogurt To Improve Health, Contact us.