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5 Reasons Why Our Food-Based Probiotic is Superior.

Benefits of fermented foods image

Superior Food-Based Probiotic

by Anjali Pati 

"We revolutionize the probiotic industry one gut at a time." -Anjali Pati 

Kashaya Probiotics are bio-available, food-based supplements that are paving the way in the probiotic industry. Here are 5 reasons why Kashaya is superior to any store bought probiotic product and why you should consider making Kashaya part of your daily routine.

1. Speeds Up Digestion

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria bacteria strains found in Kashaya Probiotics are human- derived strains increase the digestion process of the food by consuming food components and breaking them down into metabolites. Many times, digestive enzymes are released during this process of fermentation even before entering the mouth! A faster digestion is especially relevant in babies and elderly when the movement of the digestion system is hindered.

A recently published study with a sample size of over 400 infants demonstrated how a formula enhanced with probiotics assisted in lowering colic and produced better stool consistency. The process of actually breaking down the food components and specifically protein is also important in people who have hindered immune systems and are prone to food allergies/sensitivities.

2. Nutrient Dense

In one word, bio-availability! Fermented foods that are loaded with probiotics and nutrient dense are much more bio-available to the body for absorption. Kashaya Probiotics is made from cultured organic coconut milk which release a broad spectrum of microbes and B vitamins including B6, B2, B12, folate, and biotin during the fermentation process. These metabolic vitamins are crucial in the function of the body's cellular energy pathways and the process of DNA methylation, which are all supported by a healthy microbiome.

3. Less Food Pathogens and Toxins

Beneficial bacterial strains support the fermentation process in that they limit the growth of harmful microbes in food. This natural process is a result of a healthy competition of available nutrients in the coconut milk, as well as organically forming acids and bacteriocins. In ancient times, the fermentation process was always traditionally used to preserve foods from spoilage before refrigeration.

4. Optimal Bio-Diversity of Bacteria Strains

Kashaya Probiotics contain a wide diversity of human-derived microorganisms—many more species than are found in many capsuled probiotic supplements and including specific therapeutic strains that are sought after in probiotic supplements. When grown on a petri dish, bacteria from probiotic pills colonize in tidy contained circles and fermented foods usually bloom to cover a much wider area.

5. Kashaya caters to vegans & lactose intolerant folks

One of the most unique features of Kashaya Probiotics is it is 100% plant based, made with organic coconut milk. One of the top food intolerances is with dairy, by ruling out that food group, Kashaya is able to better serve the general public in meeting their needs for a non-dairy probiotic food supplement. 

Do the Bacteria strains In Kashaya Probiotics survive digestion?

Based on the clinical trials we have conducted at Sajune Medical Center for Regenerative and Restorative Medicine Yes! There are also many studies and texts that demonstrate that probiotics in foods can indeed pass through the gastric intestinal system and survive. The strains Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria especially.

Discover the power of living-probiotics by visiting the Kashaya Probiotics website. Now featuring a monthly subscription box option for customers looking for an easy way to keep up with their daily probiotic needs. Kashaya is always shipped priority mail, in an insulated box with ice packs to assure the probiotics arrive timely and cool.