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The KASHAYA® Guarantee

  • 0 Additives
  • 30 Day Supply
  • 13 Living + Bio-Available Strains
  • Made with 100% Organic Coconut Milk
  • NON-Dairy
  • Safe for Children & Pregnancy

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The Ancestral Fruit: Fair-Trade Organic Coconut.

We get 100% organic coconut milk from small-village, fair-trade farms in Indonesia. It gives our product more than dancing-tongue flavors. Coconuts are a human-critical food. Our ancestors across the globe knew this. Unprocessed coconuts have been in our diets for thousands of years. And for good reason. Coconut provides natural, superfood immune support. High concentrations of vitamins & minerals. Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, B1, B5, & B6.No other PRE-biotic food could make your gut, or your tastebuds, happier!

Our strain Composition
Our probiotic blend is composed of:
B. bifidum

B. Bifidum directly competes with Candida & yeast overgrowth throughout the human body.*


L.acidophilus has been clinically proven to improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels, fight viral infections, and improve digestive health.*


L.rhamnosus is best for stimulating the immune system, fighting allergies, and helping people have fewer sick days.*


B.longum mostly lives in the colon and has been found to reduce the body’s production of certain chemicals that increase inflammation and oxidative stress.*


B.breve clinically demonstrated an increase in anti-influenza virus IgG antibodies in serum and protected against the influenza virus infection.*


L. casei was clinically found to lower academic stress-induced high cortisol levels and the incidence of physical symptoms in students. This strain has also been found to alleviate constipation-related symptoms and provide satisfactory bowel habits.*


L.plantarum aids in alleviating digestive issues and revving up your immune system. It has been studied to be highly effective at surviving the journey past the stomach acid to repopulate in the gut. These bacteria adhere to human mucosal cells and support the anti-inflammatory response to regenerate more healthy cells in the body.*


Lactobacillus bulgaricus plays a beneficial part in calming inflammation in the skin and may help with conditions such as rosacea, acne, and eczema.*

Saccharomyces boulardii

As a probiotic yeast, S. boulardii actively promotes healthy gastrointestinal flora, strengthens intestinal barrier function, and enhances immune function. S. boullardii has been shown to ensure that foods and nutrients from the diet are properly absorbed, while blocking the entrance of potentially harmful substances. It has been shown to promote healthy microbial balance by competing against harmful bacteria.

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What are human-derived bacteria strains?

Human-derived bacteria are probiotics that reside in the human gastrointestinal tract. That means they are already adapted to thrive in the human gut. Not only do the human strains that naturally live in your gut favorably alter the microflora balance in the large and small intestines, but they also promote good digestion and promote healthy intestinal lining and are superior to probiotics from other sources. Their best-known role is in protecting your body against harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Are fluctuations in probiotic consistency normal?

Yes! It’s perfectly normal to see changes in consistency of your probiotics! Kashaya is made fresh each week in very small batches with organic coconut milk from Indonesia without any additives or hormones. The ingredients we use can cause thicker or thinner batches since there are no preservatives to stabilize the liquid.

Why is Kashaya Probiotics different?

To put it plainly, we provide a living probiotic supplement for immediate seeding of the GI tract. Our 13 probiotic strains are live when they hit your stomach and work immediately to populate the small and large intestines while displacing loads of bad bacteria and gut dysbiosis.

What is the difference between your original and therapeutic?

The therapeutic blend of kashaya probiotics was designed to address gut dysbiosis and total intestinal inflammation and contains 960 Billion Living CFU counts per serving. The original blend of kashaya probiotics contains 320 Billion Living CFU counts per serving and is primarily for daily supplementation for babies, children, and adults. We usually recommend the original blend for maintenance, and not to address any particular gastro-intestinal condition or disease.

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