How probiotics shape our DNA

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You may have recently heard that probiotics hold the key to your DNA. The trillions of microorganisms in your gut are a community unlike any other. Sure, there are similarities that make all of our guts more or less the same. But, each of us has a bacteria community that is as unique as our […]

Why Probiotics Are Important For The Gut-Brain connection

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Your mental health is directly connected to your gut. Pathways of nerves make a two-way street that allows your brain and gut to send information back and forth. That’s one of the reasons why the health of one depends on the other. When your gut experiences health problems it sends messages to your brain. New […]

Create A Health Routine That Invigorates You

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It All Starts With A Great Health Routine! Good morning! Do you know that friend who wakes up without difficulty, greets you with a big smile and always ready to take on the day? Some people are naturally morning people and thrive at this time of the day. This does not mean that you can’t […]

How to Choose the Best Probiotic Food Supplements for Your Children

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Best Probiotic Food Supplements For Children Keeping your children healthy is always a concern for parents. You want to give them the best in life and that includes a diet. Yet, it isn’t always easy with picky eaters. And, with buzzwords out there like processed foods, GMOs, sugar, and pesticides it might make many new […]