Returns and Refunds Policy

Kashaya Probiotics is made without refined sugar and has zero added sugars of any kind. Kashaya is naturally more tangy because the taste of real active bacteria is a fermented taste (sour)! Since we are so accustomed to sweet foods for many people this taste can be surprising. Most customers have fallen in love with the taste of Kashaya and their bodies have come to crave it. If you do not like the taste we recommend you continue to take your Kashaya daily and see how your body responds before giving up! If you do prefer a more sweet flavor you can mix your Kashaya in a bowl with honey or maple syrup, add it to your smoothie, or mix it in with your oats!

Kashaya should last several weeks after opening your jar if you keep the lid on tight in your refrigerator and make sure not to double dip! We do not accept returns as we are a perishable product; however, we will offer re-ships in the event your product is damaged, or delayed in shipping due to our shipping partner. Refunds or credits will be considered on a case by case basis.