Real- Food Probiotics-Therapeutic ( 14-Day Supply)



With 960 Billion CFU’s and 13 human-derived bacteria strains, our Therapeutic superfood probiotic sample size will give you 14 days of gut gloriousness. It’s our way of showing you how simple and effective our therapeutic, GI warrior is, without feeling like you have to commit to a whole month’s supply. We’re pretty sure after you start feeling more like the way you’ve always wanted to, 14 days won’t be enough. Clear your mind and support your immune system with one simple addition to the food or drink you have every morning anyway.

It works! This product is amazing! I had a terrible stomach upset for over 15 years and nothing helped. I started taking this and my stomach and digestive system have been thanking me! So worth the money! This product is truly a blessing!- Rochelle.K.

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