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Everything you need to know is right here. Of course, if you don’t see the answer to your question, please contact us. We welcome your questions and comments.

What is the shelf-life?

We hand-make each batch fresh each week and our shelf-life is 10 weeks, however we recommend consuming within 4-6 weeks to retain the purest/smoothest consistency of our product due to separation and evaporation. When you order our products  on our website you can expect to receive the freshest batch made in the same week.

What are human-derived bacteria strains?

In labor and birth we have the opportunity to gain billions of human-derived bacteria strains from our mothers. With the high c-section rate throughout the country , many of us miss the microbiome seeding that comes with the natural birth process. Most of the strains passed are from the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria family, which make up several of the human-derived bacteria strains. Our body’s long for this.

Human-derived bacteria are probiotics that are innate to the human gastrointestinal tract. That means they are already adapted to thrive in the human gut. Not only do the human strains that naturally live in your gut favorably alter the microflora balance in the large and small intestines, but they also promote good digestion and promote healthy intestinal lining and are superior to probiotics from other sources. Their best-known role is in protecting your body against harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Are fluctuations in probiotic consistency normal?

Yes! It’s perfectly normal to see changes in consistency of your probiotics! Kashaya is made fresh each week in very small batches with organic coconut milk from Indonesia without any additives or hormones. The ingredients we use can cause thicker or thinner batches since there are no preservatives to stabilize the liquid.

Why is Kashaya Probiotics different?

Kashaya Probiotics is incomparable to capsuled probiotics as it delivers a medical-grade food based probiotic supplement that is therapeutic to the gut lining and has been tested to normalize gut function in hundreds of patients and customers.

Our products are uniquely developed with 1) a combination of a strong pre- biotic (organic coconut milk), 2) 13- human-derived  bacteria strains and 3) a special fermentation process that makes it unlike any other probiotic food on the market resulting in resolution of gut symptoms in over 90% of documented cases. Our therapeutic product delivers over 960 billion CFU’s per bottle.
What do you charge for shipping?

Shipping charges are different on the basis of order type. i.e. $8.99 for all ONE TIME ORDERS & $7.99 for all SUBSCRIPTION ORDERS. We utilize USPS Priority Mail with a 2-3 day transit time to assure your product arrives stable.

How can I place a WHOLESALE order?

We do offer the option to order our products wholesale and directly shipped to your place of business whether you’re a juice a bar or a medical provider/clinician. Please reach out to our customer service team at to inquire about your options/pricing.

My order arrived warm! Is it still OK?

Yes! Believe it or not, our products are safe to consume without refrigeration for up to 96 hours. We do ship cold and require refrigeration to sustain its 10 week shelf life, but if your product arrives warm, that’s perfectly fine as long as it’s within these parameters.

What is your return policy?

Kashaya Probiotics is made without refined sugar and has zero added sugars of any kind. Kashaya is naturally more tangy because the taste of real active bacteria is a fermented taste (sour)! Since we are so accustomed to sweet foods for many people this taste can be surprising. Most customers have fallen in love with the taste of Kashaya and their bodies have come to crave it. If you do not like the taste we recommend you continue to take your Kashaya daily and see how your body responds before giving up! If you do prefer a more sweet flavor you can mix your Kashaya in a bowl with honey or maple syrup, add it to your smoothie, or mix it in with your oats! 

Kashaya should last several weeks after opening your jar if you keep the lid on tight in your refrigerator and make sure not to double dip! We do not accept returns as we are a perishable product; however, we will offer re-ships in the event your product is damaged, or delayed in shipping due to our shipping partner. Refunds or credits will be considered on a case by case basis.

Is Kashaya Probiotics organic?

Yes! Although we do not have an official USDA Organic Certification, all of our products are made with 100% Organic ingredients. Our primary ingredient is Coconut Milk, which is imported from Indonesia from a pesticide-free and organic coconut farm.

How do I pause, cancel, or skip a delivery?

You are able to log-in to your user account on our website and can pause, cancel, or skip any subscription delivery you wish. If you’re having trouble and have questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

When will my order ship?

We only ship Mondays and Tuesdays of each week , so expect if your order is placed late on a Tuesday for it to ship the following Monday. It will take 2-3 business days for your order to ship to your doorstep either via USPS or UPS.

How soon do I have to cancel my order before shipment or renewal?

Within 72 hours of when your order is due to renew.