How Chronic Skin Rash Affected ME. A Personal Story.

Chronic Skin Rash | Leaky Gut Symptoms. I FELT HYPOCRITICAL WRITING ABOUT WELLNESS BECAUSE I WASN’T WELL I began wanting to write blog posts around the time I began spending most of my time at home, becoming what felt like a homemaker. I have always been an avid journal writer, documenting daily lessons and monumental […]

Gut Health | Unplug to Reset Your Gut | Kashaya Probiotics.

Gut Health We live in a digital age where our phones are our lively-hood. A daily source of entertainment, socialization, and now (thanks to Amazon), shopping. If you were to step onto a city sidewalk, any given work-day during lunch rush, you will see what I am talking about. Aside from the constant distraction that […]

How to Heal The Gut From Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia and Gut Health In the 1990’s, during my time in medical school, I had not heard of the term “fibromyalgia”. As a matter of fact, this condition came directly into my consciousness only after I started to practice regenerative medicine. That’s when patient after patient started coming through my door with “Fibromyalgia” – fatigue […]

5 Reasons Why Our Food-Based Probiotic is Superior.

Superior Food-Based Probiotic by Anjali Pati  “We revolutionize the probiotic industry one gut at a time.” -Anjali Pati  Kashaya Probiotics are bio-available, food-based supplements that are paving the way in the probiotic industry. Here are 5 reasons why Kashaya is superior to any store bought probiotic product and why you should consider making Kashaya part […]

Leaky Gut Syndrome | 9 Signs You Have A “ Leaky Gut”.

Leaky Gut Syndrome Hundreds of clients later and I finally get it…the fatigue, digestive problems, body aches & pains, no sleep, and mild depression… can all point to one thing- a “leaky gut”. But what is a leaky gut and what is it really caused by? It turns out that due to environmental toxins, poor […]

Probiotics As Food or Capsuled Supplement? Which one is better?

Probiotics As Food or Capsuled Supplement. Gut health has become a significant trend in 2019 as we look for ways to feel good and look our best. Have you noticed as the grocery store how often you see the word “probiotics” on a label? It is becoming a very trendy word to market the gut […]

The Health Benefits Of Fermented Probiotic Rich Foods as Probiotic Supplements.

Benefits Of Fermented Probiotic Rich Foods Our world is teeming with information on probiotic supplements, yet no one can easily figure out “ which one” to actually buy. If you’re wondering if you “ need” a probiotic in your life, the answer is an absolute yes. Why? Because our modern age environment isn’t supportive to […]